The 9 Laws of E-Cigarettiquette: A Handy Guide for E-Cigarette Smokers

Though E-cigarettes are becoming more popular, there are certain things that you should consider before puffing away on your E-cigarette. E-cigarettes are still not widely accepted, and there are few laws with regard to where you can and cannot use them.

Due to the fact that there have been reports of e-cigarettes exploding on occasion, it should be stressed that they cannot be blamed if people have used the wrong charger. France are looking into banning e-cigarette use, while Hong Kong already have. In the United States, in California they are going to perhaps set up smoking laws in conjunction with tobacco products. Meaning that there will designated areas where you are able to smoke your e-cigarette.

At this particular point in time, it is best to consider your use of an e-cigarette as you would with a more traditional tobacco cigarette.

There are 9 Laws with regard to how you use your e-cigarette

  1. Puffing on an e-cigarette is not allowed at the movies. It is in effect a stick with a blue light, and a light is a light. This can be more annoying and distracting for other viewers than those who sit checking the mobile phones. Also, the puff of vapour that an e-cigarette produces with each drag will not be appreciated.
  2. Don’t light your e-cigarette at the dinner table. Though your e-cigarette doesn’t produce smelly smoke, it does give out vapours that other diners won’t appreciate hovering over their table.
  3. Don’t smoke your e-cigarette in an open office. Your boss may think that you have lit a fire, or a puffing toxic fumes into the air. So it is best not to light your e-cigarette when surrounded by your co-workers.
  4. E-cigarettes shouldn’t be lit in the toilets. Other smokers aren’t able to use the toilets to smoke, so take a leaf out of their book and go outside.
  5. Smoking on public transport is not allowed. Even with an e-cigarette, other passengers can’t move away from you. Whether you are on an airplane, the subway or a tram lighting an e-cigarette may offended others around you.
  6. You shouldn’t smoke your e-cigarettes around children. Although they may be considered healthier than tobacco cigarettes, they still contain nicotine. They can be addictive, so children don’t want to be encouraged to begin smoking e-cigarettes.
  7. Keep your wrappers and refill cartridges hidden. They can be eaten by children and pets, so they shouldn’t be left out where they can get access to them.
  8. Don’t be annoying to other smokers. Though you may have switched to e-cigarettes, others around you may prefer to stick to tobacco products. You can always talk about the product, even allow them to try your e-cigarette, but don’t try to force them to make the change themselves.
  9. Don’t quit. You have chosen an e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking tobacco. So stick at it so that you can be another e-cigarette smoker promoting their use.

As an e-cigarette smoker, you should be considerate of other people around you. Even though you can be proud that by choosing an e-cigarette it is a much healthier option for you.

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