You Cannot Have Just One Cigarette

If you think that since you have been smoke free for a few weeks, or even a few months, that now you could be a social smoker, that you have beat the addiction and just one will not hurt you, then you are not thinking straight. First of all, for an addict, there is no “just one”. That first one will lead you right back into the habit completely.

Quit Smoking Permanently

If you want to quit smoking permanently then this is a dangerous act that could cost you your success. Very few people can do the occasional cigarette, or just have one when they smoke. Many professionals would argue that the ones that can do this are probably not chemically addicted. They are just behaviorally addicted.

One method of sustaining the ability to quit smoking on a smoking cessation program is to take all of the money that you are saving from not buying cigarettes and make a goal of what you want to buy when you have saved enough for purchase. This is a positive association. Instead of thinking that you have gotten rid of something bad, your brain associates that you have added something good to your life. Saving money becomes a little harmless high that you can enjoy.

You Cannot Have Just One Cigarette

Chew your food. That may sound like a simple way to quit smoking. It’s a simple thought, but you are used to having something in your mouth on a consistent basis. Take fresh vegetables such as celery and carrot sticks and wash and cut them to put in small baggies that you can take with you in your purse or glove box of your car. Sugar free products, such as deserts, sugar free gum and hard candies, are available in stores everywhere.

Bottom line is that you need to just take it one day at a time and step by. You can achieve the ability to quit smoking, but it is something that you do not want to look too far in the future. You do not want to get to the place where you think you are so strong that you can put yourself in vulnerable situations. You need to surround yourself with other non-smokers, or you can hang with the same friends you have always had as long as they are respectful to the path which you are walking; they may even be inspired by you to take control of their own life.

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