Stop Smoking: A Friend’s Reminder

Keeping smoking away from your system is incredibly difficult – it forms a strong addiction making quitting smoking a hard process. If your friend is attempting to do this he will need as much support as you can provide. Encourage him to beat the urge to smoke and be there if he needs you. Family and friends are often great encouragers and are generally aware of the dangers of smoking and the personal risk of smoking and how it would affect them.

Giving the best encouragement

Encouragement is your most vital contribution as a friend. Your friend’s rehabilitation will be accelerated with the right words said at the right time and this will reduce stress. But there’s a fine line between encouragement and nagging, and crossing this will hamper your friend’s attempts to reach his goal.
Once your friend has the determination to quit you can support this with words of encouragement so prevent him losing focus. Your friend should feel that you will stick by him until he finally reaches his goal. This doesn’t necessarily just mean words of encouragement, but also your actions.

Your empathy with the situation will assist you in finding the right actions and words. The process of giving up is difficult, and the better you understand the situation the more helpful you can be. Instead of criticizing his mistakes if he lapses and smokes another cigarette, be supportive, remind him of his progress and attempt to steer him away from cigarettes again. Remind him of the dangers of smoking to you personally, especially the bad effects of smoking when it comes to their health.

Stop Smoking A Friend Reminder

Don’t dwell on the mistakes – positively reinforce how he corrected it afterwards

After quitting smoking, nicotine and other poisons remain in the system for months and even years. This, and the powerful pull of habit, cause relapse. Eventually your friend will not crave cigarettes, and you should be there until this time.

The Process of Quitting Smoking

There are many ways to quit smoking. For some people, going cold turkey and quitting immediately is best; for others a gradual weaning off the nicotine works by consuming less each day. It is best to follow a quit smoking program as you have a plan of attack and firm direction.

The end goal is the most important, though. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which method is used, as long as your friend quits soon.

Here are some things you can do to give encouragement in quitting smoking.

Stay positive and talk about progress; point out instances when he’s really surpassed a trial

  1. 1.Discuss slip-ups, but don’t dwell on them
  2. Support whatever quitting techniques he’s chosen
  3. Help him avoid scenarios where there’s the opportunity to relapse
  4. Continue to be the best friend you can.


Encouragement isn’t solely the domain of a licensed counselor. A loyal friend who cares can do just as well. Back your friend’s desire to be smoke free, and let them know they’re not alone in their attempt to give up smoking.

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