How does a weed vaporizer work?

if you have a garden, you know that it takes a bit of work.  You want it looking its best – whether you are growing plants, flowers, vegetables, or herbs – you know that you need to invest some time and energy in your garden to get the best results.

Every gardeners worst enemy is weeds.  It seems like such an enormous struggle to get growing the things that you want to grow, and yet the weeds seem to have absolutely no trouble getting started, and will often seem like the healthiest thing in your garden.

If only you had a vaporizer that could magically make all of the weeds in your garden disappear.

In this article we look at the weed vaporizer and try to understand how this product actually works.

What is a weed?

At the most basic level, a weed is anything that you don’t want growing in your garden.  They are plants, grasses, flowers – usually not native to your area but somehow incredibly resilient and determined to get a foothold in your precious garden beds.  You can spend a lot of time and energy pulling up weeds, digging up weeds, or trying to poison weeds.  Not only is this incredibly time consuming and a bit depressing, if you are resorting to poisons then there is every chance that you are damaging the surrounding plants or potentially exposing your family or pets to the risks associated with poisons.  Imagine how much simpler things would be if you had a portable vaporizer.

How does vaporizing work?

There are a number of different vaporizersforsale, but essentially they all work in a similar way.  When a weed is vaporized or burned, the weed itself is oxidized by applying heat.  The concept is that you are controlling the temperature very precisely, leaving the carbon based skeleton of the plant largely intact – there is no smoke, and no CO2 emissions.  The way that vaporizers work is through forced air heating – the air is heated and blown over the target weed as opposed to applying heat directly to the week.  This means that the you don’t get the smoke and harmful vapors that you would get if the heat was applied directly to the plant.

Breakthrough technology

The weed vaporizers that we are seeing on sale now have a very similar technology to another breakthrough technology that is becoming very popular.  If you smoke cigarettes you might be familiar with the E-cigarettes that deliver a nicotine hit to the smoker without the harmful tobacco smoke normally associated with cigarettes.  The same principle is used for the weed vaporizer – heat is applied away from the source, reducing harmful emissions and achieving a targeted result.


Take the lead from your cigarette smoking friends.  Get your hands on a weed vaporizer and tackle those difficult weeds in your garden.  Your garden will soon be the talk of the town – vegetables growing tall and strong without having to compete with weeds; flowers that you could happily enter in the local show.  Hit the weeds with a heat vaporizer now – they won’t see it coming and they won’t know what’s hit them!

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